Consolidate debt and simplify your life

Debt consolidation makes money management easy

Feeling overwhelmed by multiple bills? Looking for a solution to growing credit card debt? Reduce your debt, restore your credit and relieve your stress with a debt consolidation loan. We’ll show you how.

Debt consolidation loan 

Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars this year and get ahead of your debt. Consolidate existing bills and pay them off faster with a single, manageable loan. Simplify your finances with affordable payments and fixed rates that will never go up.

Debt relief plan

Gain a 360 degree view of your financial situation with a customized debt relief plan. Work with a CitiFinancial Lending Specialist to map out your existing bills and help find a loan solution that will help pay off your debt and save you money. 

At a glance

Loan amount $300-$30,000
Rates from 11.85%*
Terms 6-120 months
Secured Varies by product
Payments Fixed

*Interest rates may vary by province.

In Ontario, CitiFinancial Canada Inc. is licensed as mortgage brokerage 10821.

Consolidate and save: Daniel’s debt relief story

A bill or debt consolidation loan gives you the money you need to pay off your debts by combining multiple bills into a single, affordable monthly loan payment. Here’s how Daniel saved hundreds of dollars a month and shaved years off the time it would take to repay his debt with a consolidation loan from CitiFinancial.


What is debt consolidation?

In this video, CitiFinancial Lending Specialist Michael Cyr answers commonly-asked questions by Canadians about debt consolidation.



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David’s story

David needed to get his truck ready for winter, but money was tight. On the advice of a friend, he visited his local CitiFinancial branch. Working with a Lending Specialist, David learned that that not only could he get the money to winterize his truck, but could also consolidate his credit card debt into a single loan and save hundreds of dollars a year. David hadn’t considered a debt consolidation loan before, but left his branch feeling relieved with an affordable personal loan and greater control over his debt.

This story is based on a typical customer situation. 

How much you could save?

Try our debt consolidation calculator.

Why Canadians choose CitiFinancial loan solutions

  1. One-on-one service from a knowledgeable Lending Specialist at your local branch. 

  2. Fixed rates and affordable monthly payments for the life of your loan. 

  3. Flexible payment options and no prepayment penalties or administration fees on unsecured loans. 

  4. 14-day guarantee on all unsecured personal loans. No charges. No questions asked. 

Protect your loan from the unexpected

These value-add benefits can give you peace of mind should the unforeseen occur.

Job Loss Insurance 

Have your loan payments
covered if you're involuntarily

Disability Insurance

If you experience disability and can't work, your loan payments could be taken care of.*

Life Insurance

Protect your family or estate in the future and have your loan paid off in the event of your death.*

Home and Auto Security Plan

Offering home and family benefits, roadside assistance, legal services and more. LEARN MORE

*Coverage depends on the type of illness, disability or death. Insurance will be paid on covered illnesses/disabilities only. 


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